September 18, 2011

Not another art & style blog!

Dear fashionist, artist, trendsetter, designer, stylist, newcomer, cool hunter, blogger, musician or life lover! It´s so nice you stopped by! Welcome to our world!

We are not only a brand new art and fashion blog like you may know it. It’s much more than that. And I am sure once u know us better, you will keep on rockin` with us!
We are a couple of good friends from every part in the world with distinct cultures, doing different kind of works and having miscellaneous talents and personalities but that bonds one thing: The passion of fashion, art and style that colors our life!  

Join us to discover how fashion and lifestyle is spread all over the world. We will report for you live from Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Mexico, New York and London. Traveling for you to the hotspots and main capital cities of the world, visiting artists, models, designers, newcomers, see new styles, interesting people and much more.

Warm welcome and stay tuned
art of style
by friends united