September 26, 2011

Congrats!!! London world´s top fashion capital of 2011

London is vivid, fresh, wild, innovative, inspiring... London is just awesome, London is incomparable!!!
There are not enough words to describe this northern Europe capital as it deserves. Neither I can`t explain why I love this city. Weather is bad, its almost rainy and cold but there is the people, the unique sub-culture, the street style, the markets and at least Pippa and Kate as new global "fashion icons". If you have ever been in London, you know what I am talking about! One afternoon, a few weeks ago, I asked some stranger at Oxford Street: " Why London?" and he answered: " London is an eye candy for the style hungry!" He`s so right! Couldn´t have said it better! No surprise that London is the world`s top fashion capital 2011. Our congratulations!!!

"We should take the news that London has been declared the world’s top fashion capital of 2011 as a giant fillip to national pride. The tally came from Global Language Monitor, a body in Texas which ranks cities on the basis of how often they’ve been mentioned on websites, blogs, Twitter and other social media. London came first, beating New York, Paris and Milan, in that order."
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